• Humanity at the Crossroads

    13-month Series

    Private sessions + Sacred Circles

  • Listen To My Personal Introduction To You

  • Nourishment Through Revolutionary Times

    I'm Feeling the Tug to Create a Container for Us

    It’s obvious that humanity is at a crossroads. And I believe that the next 18 months will be pivotal. With the impacts of climate change, the US election looming, war in Europe and the Middle East, and rumblings in Taiwan, it’s a real struggle to be a conscious human being. For all of us. It's a challenge to stay grateful and present and not get pulled in the maelstrom.


    We need nourishment through these revolutionary times.


    The container that I am creating will bring kindred spirits together and sprinkle some beauty into our lives. And, it will go deeper: it will deeply nourish us so that we can stay connected to the spiritual realm and powerfully bring our medicine into the world - in small or large ways. I invite you to consider whether this sessions & circles series is the right container for you as we enter 2024.

  • The Container

    December 21, 2023 - January 29, 2025

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    4 Private Sessions with Jana

    Together we'll call on your ancestors and spirit guides

    We'll meet privately (via Zoom or in person) once per season to ask Spirit how best to bring your strength and gifts to the world. You can also use this time to address the unexpected that will undoubtedly arise, connecting you to your soul when you need it most. These readings are a gift that unfolds and reveals itself more deeply over time. The 13-month container is like a long simmering stew, over time your relatioship with Spirit will get deeper, richer and more flavorful.

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    13 Sacred Circles

    Between private sessions, you will be lifted by the alliance of spiritually-minded community

    Each month we'll gather via Zoom with kindred spirits to drink at the well and recharge. We will use the power of the circle to invoke sacred space together with the intention that each person is nourished and becomes the richest expression of themselves in this life. In this group you, the real authentic you, will deepen and extend your taproot into what truly nourishes your heart and soul.

    The circle gatherings will be magical

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    1 Transmission from the Waterfalls Retreat

    We'll connect with wisdom from the land and waters

    I live in a place that is alive with beautiful waterfalls that are potent portals to multiple dimensions.


    We will gather in sacred space for a one-day retreat with the intention of transmitting the powerful wisdom of the waterfalls and unveiling the depths of unity, love, and peace within and around you.

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    This is more than the sum of its parts

    The circles, sessions, and people will spin and weave energetically with the spirits, the ancestors and the beings of our lands and form a unique and powerful healing community designed to empower us to bring our medicine into the world in whatever shape and form that takes.

  • Why this? Why now?

    A still, quiet, deep sanctuary to rest in as the wheel turns in this portal year 

    I can feel this culture's bones rattling. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that. It's just hard right now in this noisy, busy world to keep our access to the eternal kindled and keep the flame of peace, love, and hope alive.

    To respond on a solely individual basis seems to miss a greater call, as these issues are connecting us so deeply in our humanity.


    To respond with a burst of intensity seems to miss the point, as this is not an event but rather an evolutionary shift that is changing everything. To find our way through will require time and spaciousness to listen.


    To simply endure fails to hear the whisper of Spirit to live beautifully. This is instead a time to deepen our taproot so that we can seed a robust yet gentle peace in our lives, our families, and the world around us. I believe deeply that we all came here with a gift and that our world is crying out for us to share our medicine with each other. To truly know it, hold it, and use this gift responsibly requires time and space, as well witnessing by kind, conscious souls. We need real nourishment.


    For these reasons, I've created this container for us in what will be the longest series I have ever hosted, yet one that feels like it could not be a day shorter.


    This container will be a tool to balance the constant incoming negativity and busyness of the world. Humanity at the Crossroads is a way for you to remember the broader perspective, to support you to stay present and grateful, and to make wise choices about your daily energy usage in the coming year. It's a container that allows that beautiful part of yourself to have some expression and also cleanse the sludge - like having a bath for your soul on a regular basis.

  • Guarantee & Commitments

    My Commitment to You

    The overarching intention will be to support you in exploring two questions and deepening your capacity to honor the answers you receive:

    • How do I nourish myself in these revolutionary times?
    • How do I know, hold, and use my gifts to nourish others?

    I promise to meet you with grace, beauty, and compassion. I promise to open to guidance from the eternal for you so that you can contribute to the world in a way that feels meaningful to you.


    I can't promise specific results but I can promise to open up a sacred space for the mystical to come through, to connect you with the richness of the universe so that you get what you need and to help your vision come to life in surprising and unexpected ways. I don't know what you will get from Humanity at the Crossroads, but I do know that it will be beautiful and it will be a gift from Spirit that will be exactly what you need to enrich your life and your community.


    You have my commitment that I will:

    • hold a sacred container for our group for 13-months
    • be your partner in this journey, stand at your side, and watch you with love knowing that you are a whole, healthy human being doing profoundly sacred work
    • treat you with reverence
    • honor your privacy and confidence
    • treat you as the sacred and unique being that you are with precious gifts to share
    • honor your time
    • treat your tender spots gently while recognizing that you are a responsible adult who has done their work
    • trust in Spirit in our work and know that whatever comes through is for your highest and best good and that some or all parts of you welcomes it
    • be truly grateful that you chose to include me in this gift that you are giving to yourself.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    This is a gift that you can give yourself to keep yourself nourished and whole throughout the coming year. I ask for these commitments from you.


    If you honor these commitments and aren't satisfied for any reason, please just let me know and I will give you a 100% refund. The only thing I will ask is for feedback for future clients.


    In order to keep a strong container, this program is by invitation only.

  • Testimonial

    I know how to be a seeker. I’ve got some mileage on this path. And, I sometimes find unexpected strength and insight, times when I’m no longer a seeker, but a finder. Jana’s Sacred Circle has been such a finding... more


    Chris Lytle

  • Questions You May Be Asking Yourself

    Do I have the time?

    4 Private sessions - these will be arranged at your convenience once per season.


    13 Sacred Circle: These will meet virtually at 7pm Eastern (4pm PST). Note: Once the circle is finalized we will revisit these dates - there is a possibility that we can adjust some dates/times to 11am on a Saturday/Sunday if that meets the group's needs better.


    The circles will be deeply nourishing and you are encouraged to attend all of them. They are designed to support your life, and given that, you may miss up to 3 circles to accommodate your schedule without compromising the integrity of the offering.



    Thursday, January 11th.

    Tuesday, February 13th

    Sunday, March 10th

    Monday, April 8th

    Tuesday, May 7th

    Thursday, June 6th

    Sunday, August 4th

    Tuesday, September 3rd

    Wednesday, October 2nd

    Monday, November 4th

    Sunday, December 1st

    Monday, December 30th



    Wednesday, January 29th


    1 Weekend Retreat: Transmission from the Waterfall in the Finger Lakes. Date to be determined. The course fee includes the retreat sessions. Accomodations are not included.

    Do I have the money?

    Payment Options

    $175/mth for 10 months or 3 payments of $583

    $250/mth for 10 months or 3 payments of $833

    $330/mth for 10 months or 3 payments of $1,110

    The full price is on a sliding scale from $1,750 - $3,300.


    Early Bird Gift: As I mentioned in the video, I'm offering a beautiful handmade goddess candle and journal to people who register by December 14th.


    Discounts: Pay by check and receive a 4% discount - I'd rather you keep the money than the man.


    As always, please email me you would love to do this and have an alternate suggestion.

    Who else will be there?

    Up to 11 Kindred spirits! This offering is by invitation, so I will know everyone. The people that I work with run deep and have wise, good souls. They're usually healers and work with spirit in their own way sometimes through alternative modalities but often behind the guise of a more mainstream business offering. You'll find consultants, non-profit professionals, entrepreneurs. therapists, and teachers. They are not neophytes in the world of Spirit, and you can expect rich deep connection with people who are committed to being a contribution and know the importance of showing up authentically.

    Is this the right container for me, right now?

    I want you to make the best choice possible for yourself and say to yes to what is right for you, regardless of whether that is this offering. This next year is portending to be a challenging one for people of conscience and we all need to find the right structures to support us.


    As you look at 2024, what do you need to put in place to live a full and balanced life? Bodywork, good food, time for exercise, nature, meditation, therapy, play/creativity and family and friends.? These are are all things that we know keep us at our best. This offering is a sanctuary designed to be a gift you give to yourself that ensures your spiritual connection and amplifies everything else you are doing.


    After reading this, listen to your heart. Does this opportunity resonate and your heart say yes?


    If your heart says yes, then I invite you to apply by completing the simple form below.


    And, if your heart says no, then I invite you to keep listening for what it is that your heart thirsts for right now and say yes when it appears for you.

    If I can't do the full package, is there another offer?

    I also offer a package of 4 seasonal private sessions in a year without the community sacred circles and you may prefer to work with me in that way (details coming, in the meantime please email me).

    What are the program agreements?

    To create a strong container for this program, I ask all applicants to review these program agreements .

    Will this be offered again?

    No. I offer programs as they emerge. This one feels right for these times. I can already feel other offerings beginning to take shape so this won't be the last thing I offer this year. If this doesn't resonate with you, maybe something that I offer in the future will, or another offering from someone else will. The right medicine will come to you.

  • Testimonial

    What a beautiful multi-layered gift you gave me! I am astonished and intrigued with the accuracy of the message you shared. The session left me with a profound sense of acceptance, peace, and letting go of worry. I feel more grounded in myself, my work, and my family. Thanks again for a very powerful, amazing, enlightening (in every meaning) session.

    Liz Walker, Ecovillage, Ithaca


    The intuitive session that I had with Jana was one of the most profound and awesome experiences of my life. After struggling and trying to figure out my life's purpose for years, Jana's reading confirmed a direction that I had started 3 years prior to our session. Since our meeting I've felt more clarity, connection, and ease than I have in years. I had never done anything like this before but am so happy I found Jana.


    Haley V, St. Petersburg, FL


    Jana Hexter is an amazing resource for anyone who is looking to create a meaningful life. Get yourself relaxed through whatever works for you - massage, yoga, meditation, a walk in nature - and then spend an hour with Jana. She has helped me open up to completely new perspectives and avenues for my life.

    Paula P., Ithaca, NY