• Agreements

    This offering requires a strong container - the stronger the container, the deeper the impact on our lives and on the people around us. I ask that you read the following agreements before applying. 

    There really is only one agreement -
    Honor Yourself and Others as Sacred...We are Expressions of One.


    This offering is a co-creation between some beautiful sweet souls. Each one of you has an exquisitely beautiful medicine within and we are midwiving each other's soulful expression. Please always remember that.


    Honoring ourselves as sacred beings has several manifestations


    1. Confidentiality: This is an absolute necessity. Everything said in our 1:1 sessions is confidential. Everything said, or done, in the circle gatherings is also confidential. Please treat it all with the same sanctity and reverence you would give a newborn deer, a blossom that blooms once a year, or an ancient sacred burial ground. All recordings are strictly for your own private use and may not be shared for any reason whatsoever.


    2. Be on time: This is simply a practice in presence and respect. I've heard that Gandhi once said "if we can be on time, we can defeat the British." We're not out to defeat anyone but its a great reminder about the power of mastery of time.


    I ask that before our 1:1 sessions and our circles that you take some time to connect with yourself in meditation, prayer, nature etc.. And that you allow time for yourself after our sessions before jumping back into every day life.


    3. Listen deeply to yourself. These circles are not for deep processing of personal issues - everyone in this group has done enough of that. In the circles, we will connect deeply with Spirit and and ask what wants to emerge for our nourishment and service to the world...and then listen. As we connect with other forms of consciousness, what wants expression may communicate with and through us in the form of song, silence, movement, or something new to us all. I ask that you trust that Spirit will fulfill on our intention with grace and ease through our 1:1 work and circles - and it may be in any shape or form.


    One of the most challenging things in circle is when someone talks a lot and is lost in story in their mind. Before speaking, I simply ask that you stay present and check in with yourself - 'Is this something that is bursting within me that is a gift to the group or is this something that can rest? Is this something that if I hold it will be spoken through someone else?' I trust that everyone in this group has the wisdom and self-awareness to know when to speak authentically.


    4. Respect and love yourself and others. Another challenge in sacred circles is that very deeply rooted tribal instincts that can surface and make us want to flee or fight. I ask that you remember that the circle is a strong container that pre-dates and transcends our earthly existence and can hold whatever emerges - be gentle with yourself and with others in your actions and speaking.


    5. Being present. I ask that you do your best to check your mask at the door and show up authentically in the group. Everyone in the circle has the capacity to do this beautifully. I also ask that you turn on your camera on webex whenever possible and only use the phone option if you cannot access wifi.


    6. Openness. I ask that you commit to undertake the 13-month journey with curiosity and a willingness to explore what arises with an open-heart. Take what comes through in our sessions and circles and treat it with curiosity and love and when suitable put it into action (if necessary with the support of a coach, therapist or accountability buddy).


    7. Responsiblity: Please take time to create your intention. Understand that I cannot produce a result for you anymore than I can be pregnant and give birth for you. But I can create a container and space for you delve deep and to Spirit will have things unfurl in unexpected and beautiful ways. Remember that you are in complete control of what you do with the information that comes through in session..it is not a prescription but guidance that you can choose how to use. Understand that this work is neither therapy nor coaching.


    8. Communication: Communicate with me if anything comes up that is perceived as a barrier to our work. Recognize that your presence in the group matters and I ask that you give me 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule a session or if you'll be absent from one of the sacred circles so that we don't miss you and wonder where you are.