When you are at a Crossroads...


    Intuitive Guidance from Eternal Wisdom


    There is an ancient scripture within that your heart knows how to read. It contains wisdom to guide you, and others, to greater fulfillment, love and joy. As a multi-sentient intuitive Jana hears and amplifies that gentle whispered prayer written just for you.

  • What Do You Need Right Now?

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    A Single Private Session

    Book a single intuitive session to explore a pressing question. Learn more

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    A Cycle of Private Sessions

    Choose the rhythm and timeframe that would support you through your current transition.


    > Seasonal: Once per season to follow the rhythms of nature and chapters of a year. Learn more

    > Gestational: Monthly for nine months to birth something new. Email for details

    > 101 Days: Ongoing deep connection throughout this sacred timeframe with sessions booked as needed. Email for details


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    Private Sessions + Community Sacred Circles

    Combine private intuitive sessions with sacred circles to move together through a particular topic and time. Each series is distinct, and topics are ever-changing. Registration is limited.


    Upcoming in 2024

    Red Moon Passage Book Club

    For Our Daughters



  • Opening the Way In

    To live with one foot in the spirit world is a bold and beautiful thing. If you are feeling called to do so, I want to help.

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    Free Fireside Chats: Conversations of Our Times with Kindred Spirits

    It is one of my pleasures to sit by a fire and chat with kindred spirits about the mysteries and expansiveness of the universe. While it may not be feasible to invite you to my home, I'd like to do the next best thing and invite you to a virtual fireside chat. There's no charge. Just bring an open mind, curiosity and your questions. Learn more

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    New! Referral Discount

    Our friends and community are precious. If one of my clients has referred you, provide their name and receive 20% off your first single session or cycle of sesions. If you are a new client, please use code Referral20 when scheduling a session. I will then send a code to the client who referred you.

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    Gift Cards

    Choose spirit over stuff. I offer gift cards that you can request from family and friends to help cover costs OR that you can give to others who would appreciate the experience.

    Staying in touch

    If you would like to stay in touch after visiting here, please leave your information below and I'll be happy to send you occasional emails when the spirit moves me.



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    She is a multi-sentient intuitive-- having the capacity to see, hear, feel, and know information from beyond the physical realm. As a unique bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, Jana provides a fresh perspective by accessing universal consciousness at a deep level-- for people who are approaching one of life’s crossroads or are committed to expanding their awareness to create a better here and now - for themselves, their families, their community, and the people they serve through their businesses.


    Jana’s innate gift has been described as “one of the most moving and incredible experiences I have ever had when balancing between current reality and the grand energy of the universe”. Her ability to quickly go very deeply into the spirit world in remote sessions with her clients has resulted in some amazing and life-changing results.


    Jana has a strong business background and is a graduate of Cornell University. She has trained for many years with Jalaja Bonheim, Founder of the Institute for Circlework. In her first career she was a nationally renowned grant writer who raised over $90 million for non-profits and wrote an acclaimed book on the subject. She grew up in England, lived in Denmark, Poland, and Norway, and is now the mother of two beautiful young adults in America.




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