• Give Yourself a Yearlong

    Love Fest

  • A strong, sacred, and individualized 1:1 program in which I will be your intuitive support for a year

    ~ For folks who would like to use our lives to weave a little more gentleness, health and peacefulness into the warp and weft of the world ~



  • The Unattended Moment

    For most of us, there is only the unattended
    Moment, the moment in and out of time,
    The distraction fit, lost in a shaft of sunlight,
    The wild thyme unseen, or the winter lightning
    Or the waterfall, or music heard so deeply
    That it is not heard at all, but you are the music
    While the music lasts
    ~T. S. Eliot

  • - LOVE FEST -

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    Sacred Ritual

    Conscious Co-Creation

    You and I will begin LOVE FEST with an individualized Sacred Ritual calling in all the non-physical beings who support your life. We will ask for their support and guidance in the process and we will co-create your intention for our work together.

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    Insight Readings with Jana

    Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

    Then we'll do a 1:1 reading each season either remotely or in person at a time that resonates with you. We'll do them seasonally so flow with the natural cycle of life. Each season we naturally shed and old layer and bring in something that supports new growth and these readings are designed to support that ancient unfurling. We will schedule these at our first meeting so that they are on your calendar and you're welcome to shift the times if you need to later on.


    You may use the time to focus on any aspect of your life (family, career, relationship, health, and everything else) and we will journey together to explore the eternal within, and around, you. Like life, these readings are a gift that unfolds and reveals itself more deeply over time.


    There is an ancient scripture within your that your heart knows how to read. It contains wisdom to guide you to greater fulfillment, love, and joy. My commitment is that you will hear that gentle whispered prayer in your heart that was written to give you wings, allow you breathe deeply, and experience a lasting sense of fulfillment.

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    Weaving the Threads to Close the Circle

    Grounding and Completion

    At our last session, we'll meet to connect with the original intention, to see where you were, how things unfolded, and where you are now. At the beginnning, you created an intention. During the course of Love Fest, spirit sends many different elements through and the person emerging at the end of the process is not the same one who entered. In this session, we will weave these new threads together by strengthening them one more time and create a spiritual garment for the newly emerging you to wear in the world. In practical terms it will ground the process in the verbal parts of your brain.


    Photo by Nickolas Nikolic on Unsplash

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    I know how to be a seeker. I’ve got some mileage on this path. And, I sometimes find unexpected strength and insight, times when I’m no longer a seeker, but a finder. Working with Jana has been such a finding.


    Her approach is different ~ completely absent of any underlying religious belief or imposed method, and without description about who or what comprises the spiritual world with which she, and we, connect.


    I’ve had a freedom to truly listen and interpret my interactions and experiences with Spirit on a very personal level. They are my own and have a fit and feel that is centering, solid and comforting.


    I’ve come home to myself and learned to hear the voices of Spirit in new ways.

    Chris Lytle


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    • you're a visionary who sees an opportunity to contribute that you want to fulfill on (or are yearning to fulfill on what is deep down inside of you – maybe not quite distinguished yet)
    • you feel the pull of your soul, want to act on it and have the resources at your disposal to make that happen. You know the value of bringing spiritual connection into this process and also working to deepen your own connection.

    • You often ask yourself, "How can I live with more grace and do better for the world?" If you are asking that question and can put the answers into motion successfully in the world, then I want to work with you.

    • you plan to take time before, after, and between our sessions to prepare. You use our time together well and bring it into your life in a meaningful way. Truly, if you do this, worlds will open up for you and I'll bow down to you in deep reverence, respect and gratitude.

    • Like all people you have times of feeling unsettled and needing clearer guidance than you can access yourself. You value intuition and want to further develop a heightened capacity for living consciously, rather than simply existing.

    • you're ready to steer your ship in a new direction, do so gently, and listen to the winds and tides as you do so.

    • you are making changes in your life and see that this would be a good container/springboard/constellation for that growth.

    • You have good self-care habits, eat well, exercise, meditate, read your daily quotes and guiding questions, and nothing is really 'wrong'. You aren't broken and don't need fixing. But, you're driven to serve your community and are asking yourself "what can I do more beautifully?" not just for yourself and your family but for all living beings. You're open to putting a self-care routine in place and gently honor it.

    • you naturally look for win-win-wins in life.

    If this describes you, I can help you in journey right now and would be honored to partner with you.

    Who LOVE FEST is not for

    Well, there are some folks for whom this work is is just not a good fit:

    • you hold religious beliefs that don't allow you to expand into new experiences and ideas
    • you're just beginning to explore spirituality
    • you're in crisis and have a LOT going on in your life and need more support than I can give through this program
    • skeptics or people who just aren't sure that what I do is real or has value
    • you disappear when things get challenging and drop totally out of communication
    • you are looking for someone to fix your life rather than being willing to partner with someone to improve it

    Katie Hess, Flower Alchemist

  • Guarantee & Commitments

    My Commitment to You

    I have been a self-employed entrepreneur for 16 years. I know how to treat people well and give good value and service. I promise to meet you with grace, beauty, and compassion and open up for guidance from the eternal for you so that you can contribute to the world with your remaining years on the planet.


    I can't promise specific results but I can promise to open up a sacred space for the mystical to come through, to connect you with the richness of the universe so that you get what you need and help your vision come to life in surprising and unexpected ways. I don't know what you will get from LOVE FEST, but I do know that it will be beautiful and it will be a gift from Spirit that will be exactly what you need to light up your life and your community. If you've read this far, I know that you are a special person and I want you to thrive in all possible ways so that you can make the lives of my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren more beautiful for decades to come.


    You have my commitment that I will:

    • be your partner in this journey, stand at your side, and watch you with love knowing that you are whole, healthy human being doing profoundly sacred work
    • treat you with reverence
    • honor your privacy and confidence
    • treat you as the sacred and unique being that you are with precious gifts to share. 
    • honor your time
    • treat your tender spots gently
    • trust in Spirit in our work and know that whatever comes through is for your highest and best good and that some or all parts of you welcomes it.  
    • be truly grateful that you choose to include me in this gift that you are giving to yourself. 
    • ENJOY the year long LOVE FEST

    Your Capacity and Commitment

    I know that you have the tools to go deep and know that you could take yourself on a retreat or sign up with another program. But I believe that you like working with me and know that my readings are insightful. The LOVE FEST is a gift that you can give yourself to keep yourself on track and open up whatever you would like to this year.


    This is first and foremost your program. I ask that you

    • take time to create your intention
    • understand that I cannot produce a result for you anymore than I can be pregnant and give birth for you. But I can create a container and space for you delve deep and to produce spectacular and unexpected results
    • respect our time by being on time and keeping in communication if you have to cancel an appointment
    • take what comes through in our session and treat it with curiosity and love. Listen for what is personal and then put the rest into action (if necessary with the support of a coach, therapist or accountability buddy). 
    • Communicate with me if anything comes up that is perceived as a barrier to our work. 
    • Remember that you are in complete control of what you do with the information that comes through in session..it is not a prescription but guidance that you can choose how to use. 

    If you honor these commitments and are not satisfied for any reason, please just let me know and I will give you a 100% money back guarantee. The only thing I will ask is for feedback for future clients.

  • Testimonial

    What a beautiful multi-layered gift you gave me! I am astonished and intrigued with the accuracy of the message you shared. The session left me with a profound sense of acceptance, peace, and letting go of worry. I feel more grounded in myself, my work, and my family. Thanks again for a very powerful, amazing, enlightening (in every meaning) session.

    Liz Walker, Ecovillage, Ithaca

  • If you say YES to your LOVE FEST

    I invite you take a few deep breaths and just listen. If a part of you is calling you here and saying yes then question whether this might be the very thing you need to make this the year you really want.


    If you say yes, these are the results that people report getting from working with me:


    • Feeling deeply rooted and knowing you are not alone. Having enduring sense of being deeply held and having allies around you.
    • Coming back to center very quickly in the face of life crises.
    • Ability to approach life with open-minded curiosity and with a heightened capacity to more easily see opportunities within setbacks.
    • Less anxiety + more calm = ability to problem solve gracefully
    • Feeling calm, clear, and guided around the question of “How can I offer my skills and be of service to the world?
    • More accepting of family members and friends who have been challenging in the past – and the ability to nurture the positive aspects of those relationships.
    • Have bold, loving conversations while standing in your truth.
    • A peacefulness that allows you to make clear decisions, execute ideas, turn ideas into form with grace and ease.
    • Knowing that someone has your back as you grow gives you the confidence to reach further.
    • Focus and sustain energy on what matters most to you without burning out
    • Feeling free to take time for yourself and reflect before you speak.
    • Feeling deeply rooted and knowing you are not alone. Having enduring sense of being deeply held and having allies around you.
    If you have any questions about the offer or need some clarification to help you to decide whether to participate or not, please call me.
  • Testimonial

    The intuitive session that I had with Jana was one of the most profound and awesome experiences of my life. After struggling and trying to figure out my life's purpose for years, Jana's reading confirmed a direction that I had started 3 years prior to our session. Since our meeting I've felt more clarity, connection, and ease than I have in years. I had never done anything like this before but am so happy I found Jana.


    Haley V, St. Petersburg, FL

  • My Story

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    Reading the Scriptures of Our Hearts

    I know how this feels because I felt the same yearning to hear the whisper of my soul's calling for years. It was simultaneously annoying, frightening, heart-tugging, and inspiring. And I chose to follow it.


    It meant slowing down, tuning out the distractions, and tuning in to what is profoundly real and beautiful for me. It wasn't easy. It was disorientating and it meant scaling back on paid work, losing some friends, suffering the ridicule of family, and turning my belief system inside out - I was an agnostic atheist - although I'm not sure what I'd call myself these days other than non-neo-pagan witch :)


    But I don't care.


    Because in trade I have a deep, unwavering connection with a source of beauty and harmony within me, and abiding peacefulness in knowing who I am and why I'm here. It can't be taken away by anyone or extinguished (only forgotten by me, which I still do sometimes). I'm fulfilled in the relationship that I have with myself and new friends who are more resonant with who I really am.


    I wouldn't trade that for the world. And I want everyone to have that.


    I don't pretend to be a guru or to be be someone who has everything figured out, and I don't pretend that my life is perfect and I can show you how to achieve that. I think we've both done enough personal growth work and are wise enough to know that is an illusion. I continue to feel the pull for deeper service with more compassion in the world. I assume I will have that throughout my life.


    I have done the work, given time, space, and attention to listening to my life's yearning. I know that I came here to be a vessel and voice for eternal wisdom to flow through to others in a way that presences beauty, peace, clarity and joy in people's lives.


    I've spent my entire career optimizing powerful people to get the resources that they need to realize their vision for making the world a more beautiful place. I’m very good (I'd say awesome if I wasn't quite so British) at helping people articulate their vision and come up with a plan to fulfill on that. I've raised $65 million for charities by writing multi-million dollar grants to connect funders with social entrepreneurs to give them the money they needed.


    Offering channeling is another way of optimizing effective, open-hearted and visionary people - except now I connect people with Spirit to give them the clarity, courage, peace and joy to fulfill on their soul's purpose. This is my gift, I’m really good at fueling incredibly powerful people to leverage their passion when they need a boost to go in a new direction.


    Do you see? I was made to do this - couldn't not do it. And in reality, neither can you. Your unique gifts shine through whether you are conscious of it or not - but you know that sharing them consciously is profoundly fulfilling.


    And that's why I created LOVE FEST for you.

  • The Details

    When: LOVE FEST begins when you register

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    The value of all individual components together is over $2000. Love Fest is designed to be a win-win. You receive A LOT more than 4 sessions (and some of these elements are only offered through this program) and the advantage for me is a steady income working with clients whom I feel so blessed to support.


    The cost I'm offering you because you are very special people and clients for me is $1249.


    I know you want to make the decision that's aligned with your most soulful intention for yourself, so if this is the pathway for you, I will also meet you by offering an extra special pricing of $1,099 when registering within 10 days of your first reading.


    You may also pay in 3 monthly installments.


  • To Register

  • Testimonial

    Jana Hexter is an amazing resource for anyone who is looking to create a meaningful life. Get yourself relaxed through whatever works for you - massage, yoga, meditation, a walk in nature - and then spend an hour with Jana. She has helped me open up to completely new perspectives and avenues for my life.

    Paula P., Ithaca, NY



    not to the pages or preachers
    but to the smallest flower
    growing from a crack
    in your heart,
    you will hear a great song
    moving across a wide ocean
    whose water is the music
    connecting all the islands
    of the universe together,
    and touching all…
    you will feel it
    touching you
    around you...
    embracing you
    with light.
    It is in that light
    that everything lives
    and will always be alive.


    – John Squadra