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    Navigating the Crossroads

    Online: Thursday, Sept 14, 2023, 7:30 pm EDT (find your time here)

    Are you at a turning point in life? Sometimes we enter life’s crossroads tentatively when a job or relationship is no longer satisfying or we feel the quiet whisper of our soul. Sometimes, we find ourselves unexpectedly at a crossroads as a result of a death, divorce, or job loss.


    And, of course, humanity is at a crossroads on this planet and that brings a host of challenges for people who are conscious.


    Its perfectly human to just want to get through the crossroads, stop the discomfort, and move on. And some people want to walk through it with eyes open and keep aligning their life to a deeper truth. If that's you, then you'll probably love this conversation.


    We'll chat about how to powerfully be at a crossroads in life and access the support of non-physical beings who are always there for anyone who stands at a crossroads.   There's no charge. Register here.

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    Nourishment & Medicine in Revolutionary Times

    Online: Sunday, Oct 15th, 4:00 pm EST (find your time)

    As an undergraduate at Cornell University, I did a concentration in revolution. I remember reading contemporary accounts and rarely do witnesses understand the scope of change from within the milieu without the benefit of hindsight.


    For sensitive folk who love the planet, it is hard to keep equilibrium in the face of rising waters, raging fires, and tempestous politicians. Its a challenge to keep our feet firmly in this world while staying connected to the unseen one. And yet, this is what these times are calling for.


    Come sit by the fire and we'll muse on the questions of our time. I don't profess to have the answers. But, as I write this, I do have questions that are welling up from deep within.


    1. How can I continue to root in my soul and presence love and kindness regardless of the dominant conversations?

    2. How do I and others birth beauty and share the medicine that comes through us into the world?

    3. What are the healthiest ways to keep myself connected to gratitude and love in the current climate?

    4. What guidance does Spirit have about how to keep our souls nourished?


    We'll dance with the enquiry and explore the nature of separation and unity, time, space, and consciousness. There's no charge. Register here.

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    Pearls of Wisdom from the Other Worlds

    Online: Tuesday, Nov 11, 2023, 11:00 am EST (find your time)

    You're invited to come and sit by the fire and I'll share about what I've learned about the nature of life and death from her experience connecting with the unseen realms. I'll share what I've been told about what happens when we die, the nature of time and space, and why our souls incarnate. Bring an open mind, curiosity and your questions for an intriguing evening. Register here.

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    Anam Cara: Deepening Your Friendship with Your Soul

    Online: Weds 13th December, 7:30pm EST (find your time)

    Anam is the Celtic word for soul and Cara is the word for friend. Join Jana for an exploration of to connect with and deepen our relationship with our soul, our soul’s wisdom, and our soul families. Our souls came here for a purpose and we all come with a gift to share. Jana will share her experiences of supporting people in fully understanding their soul’s intention and the opening up to their unique gift so they can have a deeper impact in the world. Register here

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    Amplifying Your Intuitive Intelligence

    Online: Upcoming

    Our society values academic intelligence, athletic ability, artistic and emotional intelligences but disregards the enormous potential of the ability to tap into and use our intuitive intelligence. Learn what intuitive intelligence is and how to develop and deepen your access to it in your life. This session includes many examples of when using intuitive intelligence has led to professional or personal success.

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    Living on the edge between forest and village

    Online: Upcoming

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    Soul Brightening

    Online: Upcoming

    Given the large-scale shift in consciousness that is taking place and accelerating, many of us are asking questions that serve our times --


    1. How can serve more effectively in the everyday world while connected to love and peacefulness?

    2. How do I use the gifts that I brought with me in this incarnation ...with beauty?

    3. How can I work in harmony with the energies that support and surround me?

    4. What am I called to do, regardless of how I will be perceived in the world?


    Join Jana for a conversation where we’ll explore the nature of separation and unity, time, space, and consciousness. When we deepen our connection to our non-physical senses and develop a more expanded perspective of ourselves we can deeply nourish and gently regenerate our spirits and emerge strong, powerfully rooted in our truth, with the endurance to birth a viable, sustainable and just world that works for everyone.