• Are You a New or Returning Client?

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    New Client Session

    If you’ve come here and this all just resonates and you just know that you’re ripe for a session, just EMAIL ME and we’ll set up a time that works. Please let me know if you were referred by one of my clients and I will be happy to offer you a preferential rate as a friend of a friend.


    If you have questions, please read the information below and contact me if you need further information.

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    Returning Client Session

    Sometimes my clients just want to check in every once ina while and I’m happy to work with you on that basis. Schedule now.  


    If you would like to purchase an annual package of seasonal sessions please visit here.

  • What is a session like?

    Thanks for your interest in a session with me


    Each session is utterly unique and customized. I have the capacityto feel, see, and communicate with many levels of consciousness such as guides,angels, your soul or higher self, and universal, eternal consciousness. I also see past lives and can heal issues that stem from them that are impacting your current incarnation and I can work with Spirit (with your permission) to remove and replace any beliefs that aren’t serving you. After we have framed the central question, I will open up to Spirit and follow its lead. I have come to deeply trust that Spirit gives us exactly what we need for our well-being and to deepen our capacity for clarity, peace, and joy.


    I suggest that people have at least a 90-minute window and the capacity for some contemplation time afterwards since the sessions sometimes bring up emotions and/or leave people with a sense of expansiveness that is unusual. I like to follow Spirit in the timing – some sessions can be unusually short (15 mins) but most are on the longer (90 mins) side and so it’s nice to have a
    comfortable window. I ask all my clients to take at least 15 minutes before our session to relax, breathe, and center themselves before our session in honor of the sacredness of our work together.

  • Results people get from sessions

    • Feeling deeply rooted and knowing you are not alone. Having enduring sense of being deeply held and having allies around you.
    • Coming back to center very quickly in the face of life crises.
    • Ability to approach life with open-minded curiosity and with a heightened capacity to more easily see opportunities within setback
    • Less anxiety + more calm = ability to problem solve gracefully
    • Feeling calm, clear, and guided around the question of “How can I offer my skills and be of service to the world?
    • More accepting of family members and friends who have been challenging in the past – and the ability to nurture the positive aspects of those relationships
    • Feeling free to take time for yourself and reflect before you speak
    • Have bold, loving conversations while standing in your truth
    • A peacefulness that allows you to make clear decisions, execute ideas, turn ideas into form with grace and ease.
    • Knowing that the Universe has your back as you grow gives you the confidence to reach further
    • Focus and sustain energy on what matters most to you without burning out

    And this has led to these practical results:

    • You helped me navigate a mind-blowing, yet challenging relationship that came out of nowhere and left me feeling awestruck and sideswiped. With your help I could understand the more profound elements of the relationship and let go of some of the painful elements.
    • You helped me put the pedal to the metal in my business in a way that normally would have felt unnerving. With your help I could recognize the increase in pace as exhilarating and precious.
    • Our work has yielded a number of very practical results in terms of new behaviors and practices, as well as physically correcting a health condition I've put up with for forty years. But more importantly, our work has introduced me to my own inner authority, and the trust to develop and listen to my own intuition. Jana's encouragement to listen to and trust my own inner authority has transformed my role on this spiritual path from that of a seeker looking for something I didn't have to that of an explorer uncovering buried treasure. Informed by past traditions and guided by my own internal compass, my physical health has improved measurably, with renewed enthusiasm and gratitude for the gift of this life. Jana's truest gift has been to inspire a grateful heart.
    • One of my greatest life lessons has been to ask for help in order to improve, grow and see other perspectives. Jana is one of the very few who has been able to kindly help me get unstuck and have huge breakthroughs, move through past emotional injuries, and most importantly connect with my beloved dad who is still loving and supporting me. Thank you Jana for enriching my life in a way that is absolutely priceless.

    (I have not included names here to respect my client's privacy...this is precious and sacred work that I feel highly protective of. I hope you understand.)


    Your birthright is the deep fulfillment and joy of living authentically from your heart and sharing your innate gifts with the world. I am committed to you experiencing that. 


    I am a social scientist with an Ivy league Ph.D. and a skeptic at heart. My session with Jana was mind-blowing. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind as to her abilities. It was one of the most healing, joyful hours of my life.


    Christin M., CT


    Jana Hexter is an amazing resource for anyone who is looking to create a meaningful life. Get yourself relaxed through whatever works for you - massage, yoga, meditation, a walk in nature - and then spend an hour with Jana. She has helped me open up to completely new perspectives and avenues for my life.

    Paula P., Ithaca, NY



    I first had contact with Jana several years ago after the purchase of a horse farm came with unexpected problems I felt could not be overcome. Jana’s intuitive reading helped me view the property in a more positive light, confirming the potential I saw pre-purchase. Within months, legacy boarders resistant to change left the farm and were replaced by those excited to contribute to our vision for the


    Recently, I wanted to expand my business model. Doing so would come with a hefty price tag and I was concerned about the financial risk necessary to effect the change. Once again, Jana’s uncanny intuition coupled with her business acumen helped me shift perspective and clarify my vision. In the ensuing weeks, I have experienced renewed creativity, excitement and certainty that I am on the right path to support my clients.

    Pam Hunter



    The intuitive session that I had with Jana was one of the most profound and awesome experiences of my life. After struggling and trying to figure out my life's purpose for years, Jana's reading confirmed a direction that I had started 3 years prior to our session. Since our meeting I've felt more clarity, connection, and ease than I have in years. I had never done anything like this before but am so happy I found Jana.


    Haley V, Ithaca NY




    I had an amazing week after our reading! So much cleared up and shifted between a relative and I. I found myself much more accepting of them on many levels and things are easy and flow now. I feel a different energy inside with more clarity and ease about many things. And a sense of peace and calm not felt in a long time. Thank you again!

    Anne S., Maryland


    Since our reading I’ve listened to the recording several times and each time I hear something new.  Really fascinating because each time it is something I NEED to hear. Love it, Love it Love it!!!   Also, much of what was shared is unveiling itself in people, circumstances and experiences. Divine Intervention!  I am so grateful for this experience!  


    Sharon N., Scottsdale, AZ



    No. I am not open to anything that is not in my highest and best good nor that of the person I am working with. I always enter the state with the protection of my helping guides and won't pursue anything that doesn't feel safe. Also, I am always semi-conscious and can end a session at will.




    Yes and no. The first time I experienced connection with a spirit as an adult I was terrified but luckily had a couple of metaphysical friends with me who just went with the flow. It was only a couple of days later when I calmed down that I realized that the experience was very familiar...in fact it was the common feeling of my childhood but no-one told me to be scared of it or that it was unusual.


    My connection with non-physical forms of consciousness significantly heightened when I reached puberty - as I am told is common with young women - until one day when visiting a graveyard I became overwhelmed and I shut it down.


    Now I have the capacity to allow the interactions with clear boundaries that allows me to thrive in the physical world too. At pivotal points in my life I have heard a clear guiding voice - - the type that I now access with ease.


    I'm not sure why this sensitivity reawakened but I suspect its a combination of five years of meditating for an hour a day, hormonal shifts as I begin leaving childbearing years, the cumulative impact of years of deep personal growth and healing work, combined with the shift in consciousness that we're collectively experiencing.


    These capacities are innate, ingrained in my cellular memory, and have been heightened through direct transmission with the eternal. It's unusual, I know, but nevertheless I am now able to access a deep well of wisdom in service to others. Coupled with my business experience, coaching training, and academic background, it is a powerful combination.




    I have been told by many people that I've worked with that the information is accurate and they're astounded that a total stranger could know the things that I do."How do you do that?" and "How did you know that?" "How did you make that go away?" are questions that I hear a lot.




    I commit to treating you honestly, fairly and with integrity. My grant writing business thrives because people know that that they can rely on me to tell them the truth even if its unpalatable sometimes, do my best work and get results... while being fair and reasonable. I bring those same values forward into this work.


    I am clear that my capacities are a sacred gift and should be honored as such. These energies are not something to be trifled with but are a deep source of wisdom and power to be respected and held in reverence.


    If I don't get a clear reply in response to a question, I will tell you so and would not charge you for the session. That is not my experience to date but I am committed to serving as clearly and truthfully as possible.




    I have worked with several couples and do a reading one at a time with the partner either present or not.


    I do group sessions only when it is done in sacred space among people who have respect for the spiritual dimension. I am not interested in using this for entertainment. It is my honor to share it in a group setting when it is done with the intention of presencing deeper love, healing, or growth.



    I offer single sessions for people who are looking for information that they can use to consciously create their life. Some people who are undergoing multiple major life transitions or struggling with mental health challenges are much better served by working over the long-term with a trained therapist or life coach.