• Your Invitation to

    Stand in Your Divinity, Rooted on the Earth....Birthing a More Beautiful World

  • Give Yourself the Gift of Spaciousness....to be You

    Do you ask yourself “How do I optimize my life for service and joy and birth a more beautiful world for future generations?" If yes, I’ve designed an offering for you.

    • You have been deepening your spiritual connection for years and know who are.
    • You know that the world is bigger than we perceive and your simple desire is to live up to your fullest potential as a human being and do something incredibly beautiful with your life.
    • You know how powerful you are when you are centered in your divinity and you are looking for ways to feel that more consistently.
    • You're open to the mysteries and avenues for accessing eternal wisdom.

    Create an even more balanced life guided by your inner authority -- be rooted and free, flowing and effective.

  • The Intention

    Feeling True Joy & Connection with the Eternal

    The intention is that you experience the gift of life - knowing yourself to be a sacred being, finding joy in sharing yourself while being sourced from a deep reservoir of peace and wisdom.


    We will delve into your personal questions that you gently discern in partnership with Spirit.


    Through your conscious participation, you will be fruitfully doing your right work and create an even deeper experiential knowing-- rather than simply believing or conceptualizing -- that you are unique and precious and yet unified with the whole.


  • Who is this for

    I invite you to ask yourself these questions

    If I were to know that this life will come to an end in the next five years have I fully expressed what lives deep within me? Have I fulfilled on my deepest desires and longings? Did I do what I came here to do? Is there anything that I haven’t experienced that I feel as missing in my life?


    If the answer to that question is no… keep reading.


    Am I open to dissolving blocks to me living life as an expression of an innate desire to convey love for the benefit of life?


    If yes… keep reading


    Do I relish deep discovery and am I interested in exploring the nature of reality?


    If yes… keep reading


    Am I willing to participate in an out-of-the-ordinary type of experience?


    If yes… keep reading


    Who this is not for

    This offering is not designed for people who are beginning to explore spirituality.


    This is designed for people who are actively embodying their gifts in service to the world. It is not designed to simply be entertainment or a service to answer questions. You are expected to understand and respect the sacredness and power of work together.


  • The Offering

    Sacred Ritual

    Conscious Co-Creation

    We will begin with a Sacred Ritual calling in all the non-physical beings who support your life. We will ask for their support and guidance in the process and we will co-create your intention for our work together.

    Sessions with Jana

    Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

    Each season (aligned your menstrual cycle if you are menstruating woman) I will open sacred space with you and channel whatever wants to come through. We will open to and touch that sacred place where you feel guided, intuitive, loving, caring, and accepting. It’s always there for all of us, always. We will listen for the contribution that wants to unfold through you and learn how to manifest that in physical form. You will be lovingly held and guided throughout the process.

    Monthly Meditations

    Monthly Recorded Transmissions from Sacred Sites

    I live in a place that is alive with beautiful waterfalls that are potent portals to multiple dimensions. Waterfalls are the embodiment of the sacred dance between Spirit and Earth.


    The rocks create a strong container for the water to flow through and the water shapes the rock formations over time resulting in stunning beauty that enchant us all.


    I live in place where I am surrounded by majestic waterfalls and will work with their energy with you through this program. Each month I will record a meditation for you based on guidance from one of these sites.

  • Testimonial

    Katie Hess, Flower Alchemist

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  • If you say YES

    If you’ve already created a list of reasons that this won’t work for you: not enough time, not enough money, afraid of what might unfold…I invite you take a few deep breaths and just listen. If a part of you is calling you here and saying yes then question whether this might be the very thing you need to make this the year you really want.


    If you say yes, these are the results that people report getting from working with me:

    • Feeling deeply rooted and knowing you are not alone. Having enduring sense of being deeply held and having allies around you.
    • Coming back to center very quickly in the face of life crises.
    • Ability to approach life with open-minded curiosity and with a heightened capacity to more easily see opportunities within setbacks
    • – less anxiety + more calm = ability to problem solve gracefully
    • Feeling calm, clear, and guided around the question of “How can I offer my skills and be of service to the world?
    • More accepting of family members and friends who have been challenging in the past – and the ability to nurture the positive aspects of those relationships
    • Have bold, loving conversations while standing in your truth
    • A peacefulness that allows you to make clear decisions, execute ideas, turn ideas into form with grace and ease.
    • Knowing that someone has your back as you grow gives you the confidence to reach further.
    • Focus and sustain energy on what matters most to you without burning out
    • Feeling free to take time for yourself and reflect before you speak.
    • Feeling deeply rooted and knowing you are not alone. Having enduring sense of being deeply held and having allies around you.
  • About Jana

    “We are all here for a purpose and come with gifts to share and a call to be in noble service for the world.”


    Jana Hexter is a multi-sentient intuitive-- having the capacity to see, hear, feel, and know information from beyond the physical realm. She also has the capacity to connect with those who have passed. As a unique bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, Jana provides a fresh perspective by accessing universal consciousness at a deep level-- for people who are approaching life’s crossroads, embarking on a new life path, or are actively co-creating more evolved, conscious social structures.


    She is a guide at a time of personal and global transformation and is a voice for everyone being freely and powerfully expressed in a world in that honors all life as sacred.


    Jana’s gift has been described as “one of the most moving and incredible experience I have ever had when balancing between current reality and the grand energy of the universe”. Her ability to quickly go very deeply into the spirit world in remote sessions with her clients has resulted in some amazing and life-changing results.


    Jana has trained for many years with Jalaja Bonheim, Founder of the Institute for Circlework. Jana is a graduate of Cornell University. She is a nationally renowned grant writer who raised over $40 million for non-profits and wrote an acclaimed book on the subject. She grew up in England, lived in Denmark, and is now the mother of two beautiful young adults in America. This is her second and final career.

  • The Details

    The Dates

    This is a personalized offering that will commence at a mutually agreed upon date and last for a year.

    The Cost

    4 payments of $370


    1 payment of $1,450

  • To Apply

    Listen to your heart. Does this opportunity resonate and your heart say yes? And, are you excited to embark on nine month journey of regeneration.


    This offering is by invitation only and space is limited.


    If your heart says yes to this opportunity, then I invite you to apply by completing the simple form below .


    And, if your heart says no, then I invite you to keep listening for what it is that your heart thirsts for right now and say yes when it appears for you.


    To apply please complete the form below and answer the following questions


    1. What is your intention in participating in this offering?
    2. What do you see is possible for your community through your participation in this offering?

  • For You

    Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?"

    That the river is everywhere at the same time,

    at the source and at the mouth,

    at the waterfall, at the ferry,

    at the current,

    in the ocean and in the mountains,

    everywhere and that the present only exists for it,

    not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.
    ~Hermann Hesse

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