• Ithaca Dark Moon Circle

    Its Time to Stand in Your Divinity

    and Bring Starlight to the Ground in 2017


    I recently heard a story that describes exactly what this program is about...so please allow me to tell you about the Jewish Angel of Conception, Lailah (meaning Night). She midwives life by bringing the soul and the seed together and then plants the seed in the womb. While gestating, Lailah places a lighted candle at the head of the unborn baby, so he or she can see the entire universe and she teaches the baby the history of his or her soul. But when the baby is born, Lailah blows out the light and gently places her finger on the baby's lip saying "Shh" making a small indentation on the upper lip. This causes the baby to forget everything learned in the womb... but the knowledge remains deep within us, waiting to be remembered. Lailah is said to watch over the child throughout life and leads her on to afterlife upon death.


    According to numerology, 2017 is a 1 year - meaning the beginning or conception. The first nine months of 2017 are a time of regeneration and gestation, a time to let the old drop away and create rich, deep, fertile soil for the new growth to come.


    Given the large-scale shift in global consciousness that is taking place and accelerating, I’ve designed an offering to magnify this energy and support you in birthing a more beautiful world. It is designed to deeply nourish and regenerate you so that you remember what you came here to do and can stand deeply rooted in your divinity able to sprout seeds of beauty and delight ~ regardless of political and societal winds.


    If the following describes you, please keep reading

    • You are committed to creating a world in which all life is honored as sacred - you may not know exactly how to do that but you're darn sure its possible and love to co-create with others who have the same vision.
    • You're intuitive and use it wisely in your work in the world - this program is designed give you a place to fill your cup.
    • You have been deepening your spiritual connection for years and know who you are.
    • You are successful in the physical world and want to bring starlight to the earth. You know that existence is bigger  and more complex than we perceive and that you came here to serve and do something incredibly beautiful with your life.
    • Your simple desire is to live up to your fullest potential and act as an agent of peace, tolerance, and joy in the world.
    • You thrive in the company of other conscious, practical, creative, open-hearted people and can interact with authenticity.

    We are being called to show up with the profoundest connection to our inner yearnings for truth, beauty, and love. This is an era of regeneration. Old structures are being challenged and will drop away and new ones are being formed. Regeneration and gestation happen in the dark - the moon is rebirthed each month in the dark phase outside of our vision, babies are gestated in a dark womb unseen by human eyes, old vegetation turns into rich, fertile compost while under the cover of darkness. The dark is also associated with capacities beyond the physical - second sight, intuition, and body transcendence.


    The dark is a beautiful and powerful space that is misunderstood in our common lexicon. It is time to deepen our awareness of the powers of the dark moon and use its wisdom for healing. In partnership with the dark moon, we will delve into questions that serve our times --


    1. How can serve more effectively in the everyday world while connected to love and peacefulness?

    2. How do I use the gifts that I brought with me in this incarnation ...with beauty?

    3. How can I work in harmony with the energies that support and surround me?

    4. What am I called to do, regardless of how I will be perceived in the world?


    In the Ithaca Dark Moon Circle, we will work with the dark moon energy to let go of what is no longer necessary so that it can compost into fertile ground, develop our intuitive senses, deeply nourish and gently regenerate, so that we emerge strong, powerfully rooted in our truth, with the endurance to birth a viable, sustainable and just world that works for everyone.


    The next few years are likely to bring challenges to things that we hold dear and we cannot turn our faces away but we can't speak out or take action from a depleted empty place. We need to be nourished, rooted, and connected and act from our sovereignty.


    This is a time when we need to hold hands with each other and all the universe has to offer.


    Choose to make 2017 the year that you consciously prepare to birth the beauty within you.


    Read the Scripture Written in Your Heart

    There is an ancient scripture within you that your heart knows how to read. It contains wisdom to guide you, and others, to greater fulfillment, love, and joy. You will hear that gentle whispered prayer written just for you that gives you wings.


    The intention of the Ithaca Dark Moon Circle is that by the end of the circle you are deeply nourished, rooted in your truth, with a capacity to tune into the dark so that you listen to the whisper of the stars and bring this eternal wisdom into your daily life.


    You will know yourself to be guided and held, tuned in with the powers of the Universe in service of unity in the world.


    You will experience the gift of life - knowing yourself to be a sacred being, finding joy in sharing yourself while being sourced from a deep reservoir of peace and wisdom.


    I invite you to ask yourself these questions.

    • If I were to know that this life will come to an end in the next five years have I fully expressed what lives deep within me?
    • Have I fulfilled on my deepest desires and longings and spoken my deepest truths for the whole world to hear?
    • Did I do what I came here to do in this incarnation?
    • Is there anything that I haven’t experienced that I feel as missing in my life?


    If the answer to that question is no… keep reading.

    • Am I open to dissolving any blocks to my deepest and fullest expression in service to the sacredness of life?
    • Am willing to speak my truth with gentleness in the current political climate?


    If yes… keep reading

    • Is it time for me now to fly out and forward?
    • Do I relish deep discovery and am I interested in mutual exploration of the nature of reality with an extraordinary group of people?


    If yes… keep reading

    • Am I willing to re-imagine life, co-create with others and participate in an out-of-the-ordinary type of experience?


    If yes…

    • Am I willing to commit my time, energy, and resources to showing up authentically in the circle each month?


    If yes....keep reading


    This is NOT for you IF


    You are beginning to explore spirituality.


    You haven't done your own personal growth and development work


    You aren't willing to really be in the program and take responsibility for prioritizing the circle times and retreat dates.


    You aren't familiar with, and practiced in, authentic communication and respect for the boundaries of the sacred circle.



    January 27, 2017 - September 11, 2017


    This is a nine month program because it takes nine months to gestate human life.

    An Individual Reading with Jana

    You will receive a 1:1 reading. They will be offered remotely or in person at a time that resonates with you.


    We will journey together to explore the eternal within, and around, you. Each reading is utterly unique and customized for you. I have the capacity to feel, see, and communicate with many levels of consciousness such as loved ones who have passed, guides, angels, your soul or higher self, and universal, eternal consciousness. I also access other incarnations and can heal issues that stem from them that are impacting your current incarnation and I can work with Spirit (with your permission) to remove and replace any beliefs that aren’t serving you. After we have framed the central question, I will open up to Spirit and follow its lead. I have come to deeply trust that Spirit gives us exactly what we need for our well-being and to deepen our capacity for clarity, peace, and joy.


    Like life, this reading is a gift that unfolds and reveals itself more deeply over time.

    Monthly Sacred Circle Gatherings

    The circle gatherings will be magical

    Traditionally, participants of many branches of spiritual practice fix a Sacred Circle, in physical or virtual form.This space contains intentional energy and forms a setting.A Sacred Circle provides participants a forum for spiritual gathering, discussion, insight, development of intuition, collaboration and spiritual shelter.


    In my Sacred Circles I bring to this space the intuitive wisdom and voices of the spiritual beings that I channel to offer insight and guidance to the Circle as a whole, and to each individual member.As a unique bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, I provide a fresh perspective by accessing universal consciousness at a deep level


    Through individual readings and guided meditations, each participant gains valuable insight into their individual gifts and how to make best use of them.These intuitive insights enable us to personally to share with each other in the safety of the Sacred Circle, which magnifies their unique contribution to the intention of the Sacred Circle.


    Each month you are invited to gather with other kindred spirits to drink at the well and recharge. We will meet in the dark phase of the moon and invoke sacred space together to use the power of the dark moon with the intention of each person being and becoming the fullest expression of themselves in this life and contributing to the whole.


    The circles will be deeply nourishing and regenerative. We will create space so that you deepen your connection to your non-physical senses and develop an even more expanded perspective and explore the nature of separation and unity, time, space, and consciousness.


    In this group you, the real authentic you, will be fearlessly called forth … and in doing so will call others forth to bloom in both the dark and the light.

    Transmission from the Waterfalls Retreat

    Access the Portal

    We will gather in sacred space for a three-day retreat with the intention of transmitting the powerful wisdom of the waterfalls and unveiling depths of unity, love, and peace within and around you.


    There may be an additional site fee depending on our location.


    Katie Hess, Flower Alchemist

  • If you say YES

    If you’ve already created a list of reasons that this won’t work for you: not enough time, not enough money, afraid of what might unfold…I invite you take a few deep breaths and just listen. If a part of you is calling you here and saying yes then question whether this might be the very thing you need to make this the year you really want.


    If you say yes, these are the results that people report getting from working with me:

    • Feeling deeply rooted and knowing you are not alone. Having enduring sense of being deeply held and having allies around you.
    • Coming back to center very quickly in the face of life crises.
    • Ability to approach life with open-minded curiosity and with a heightened capacity to more easily see opportunities within setbacks
    • Less anxiety and more calm = ability to problem solve gracefully
    • Feeling calm, clear, and guided around the question of “How can I offer my skills and be of service to the world?
    • More accepting of family members and friends who have been challenging in the past – and the ability to nurture the positive aspects of those relationships
    • Feeling free to take time for yourself and reflect before you speak
    • Have bold, loving conversations while standing in your truth
    • A peacefulness that allows you to make clear decisions, execute ideas, turn ideas into form with grace and ease.
    • Knowing that the Universe has your back as you grow gives you the confidence to reach further
    • Focus and sustain energy on what matters most to you without burning out

    And these are the practical impacts on their lives

    • You helped me navigate a mind-blowing, yet challenging relationship that came out of nowhere and left me feeling awestruck and sideswiped. With your help I could understand the more profound elements of the relationship and let go of some of the painful elements.

    • You helped me put the pedal to the metal in my business in a way that normally would have felt unnerving. With your help I could recognize the increase in pace as exhilarating and precious.

    • Our work has yielded a number of very practical results in terms of new behaviors and practices, as well as physically correcting a health condition I've put up with for forty years. But more importantly, our work has introduced me to my own inner authority, and the trust to develop and listen to my own intuition. Jana's encouragement to listen to and trust my own inner authority has transformed my role on this spiritual path from that of a seeker looking for something I didn't have to that of an explorer uncovering buried treasure. Informed by past traditions and guided by my own internal compass, my physical health has improved measurably, with renewed enthusiasm and gratitude for the gift of this life. Jana's truest gift has been to inspire a grateful heart.

    • One of my greatest life lessons has been to ask for help in order to improve, grow and see other perspectives. Jana is one of the very few who has been able to kindly help me get unstuck and have huge breakthroughs, move through past emotional injuries, and most importantly connect with my beloved dad who is still loving and supporting me. Thank you Jana for enriching my life in a way that is absolutely priceless.

    (I have not included names here to respect my client's privacy...this is precious and sacred work that I feel highly protective of. I hope you understand.)



    Jana Hexter

    “We are all here for a purpose and come with gifts to share and a call to be in noble service for the world.”

    I am a multi-sentient intuitive-- having the capacity to see, hear, feel, and know information from beyond the physical realm. I also has the capacity to connect with those who have passed. As a unique bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, I help provide a fresh perspective by accessing universal consciousness at a deep level-- for people who are approaching life’s crossroads, embarking on a new life path, or are actively co-creating more evolved, conscious social structures.



    I feel deeply called to offer my gifts at this time of global, interpersonal and personal transition. I relish in the thought of being one of the people who is here is midwife a new way for human beings to relate with one another and the earth. I am committed to being a voice for all aspects of the feminine everyone being freely and powerfully expressed in a world in which all life is honored as sacred.


    I'm humbled and deeply grateful to say that one of my sessions was described as “one of the most moving and incredible experience I have ever had when balancing between current reality and the grand energy of the universe”. I'm honored to have been dubbed the initiative's intuitive and relish every session as an opportunity to go deep and be a space for transformation in my client's lives - whether through a remote or live session.


    My gift is innate but I have trained for many years with Jalaja Bonheim, Founder of the Institute for Circlework to learn about the power of the mandela. On a more practical note, I have a degree in Political Science from Cornell University. And before embarking on this career, I was a nationally known grant writer who raised over $50 million for non-profits and wrote an acclaimed book on the subject. I grew up in England, lived in Denmark, and am now the mother of two beautiful young adults in America.



    February 24, 2017 -September 16, 2017

    The Circle Dates

    Ithaca Dark Moon Sacred Circles

    We will meet at 7:30 pm each evening at the Foundation of Light. They are designed to support your life, and given that, you may miss up to 3 circles to accommodate your schedule without compromising the integrity of the offering.


    Friday, February 24, 2017

    Friday, March 24, 2017

    Saturday, April 22, 2017

    Tuesday, May 16, 2017

    June - I'll be walking the Camino - we may schedule a circle at the end of the month

    Thursday, July 20, 2017

    Friday, August 18, 2017

    Saturday, September 16, 2017

    October, Monday 16, 2017

    November, Friday 17, 2017

    December, Thursday 21, 2017






    Individual Session

    Claim Your Majesty

    An Individual Sacred Intuitive Session with Jana to be scheduled when it feels appropriate to you. Additional sessions are available to Dark Moon Circle members at a reduced rate.




    The Retreat

    Nourish and Connect

    The 3-day retreat will be held in July or August on a date mutually agreed upon during our first circle gathering.


    There may be an additional site fee depending on our location.

    The Cost

    This offering is available by invitation only to intuitives in the Ithaca, NY community

    This is offered on a pay what you can basis. In addition, I ask that you make a contribution to the Foundation of Light at each circle for the use of the space.







    Listen to your heart. Does this opportunity resonate and your heart say yes? And, are you excited to embark on a nine month journey of nourishment and rebirth?


    This offering is by invitation only and space is limited.


    If your heart says yes to this opportunity, then I invite you to apply by completing the simple form below .


    And, if your heart says no, then I invite you to keep listening for what it is that your heart thirsts for right now and say yes when it appears for you.



    Please complete the form below and answer the following questions


    1. What is your intention in participating in this offering?
    2. What do you see is possible for our great-grandchildren through your participation?
    3. What is your phone number?


  • The Unattended Moment

    For most of us, there is only the unattended
    Moment, the moment in and out of time,
    The distraction fit, lost in a shaft of sunlight,
    The wild thyme unseen, or the winter lightning
    Or the waterfall, or music heard so deeply
    That it is not heard at all, but you are the music
    While the music lasts
    ~T. S. Eliot


    Please contact me with any questions.





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