The Jana Channel is your bridge to Eternal Wisdom.


    There is an ancient scripture within that your heart knows how to read. It contains wisdom to guide you, and others, to greater fulfillment, love and joy. Jana amplifies that gentle whispered prayer written just for you.


    Katie Hess, Flower Alchemist, Lotus Wei


    Laura Wieck

    Coach, Author, Speaker


    Christi Cano, Entrepreneur & Spa Consultant


    Mia Ogletree,

    Mother & Personal Trainer


    Elaine Sauer

    Spa Consultant

    Empower Your Guests

    "Jana has made a tremendous impact on guest programming at the Lodge in the short time she was worked with us. Just recently, Jana’s weekend visit broke revenue records for private consultations. Her classes are well-attended and receive positive comments from our guests. She has a kind spirit and is a delight to work with!"


    Lindsey Bree, Special Programs & Events Coordinator,

    The Lodge at Woodloch

    2016 Travel + Leisure, #6 Destination Spa in the U.S.


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    We all come here with gifts to share and a call to be in noble service for the world.

    Move powerfully and gently into the next stage of your life and feel truly fulfilled.



    ARE YOU ENTERING A CROSSROADS IN LIFE? Or maybe your soul is softly calling or demanding that you change course?



    As a conscious person you are open to information from beyond the veil for your ongoing expansion and wonder "How can I use my time, talents, and resources most effectively with the time that I have?"


    I'll walk with you on your journey and use my intuitive skills until you're on your new path guided by your inner wisdom and living your birthright -- a fulfilling, joyful life aligned with your heart in which you are making a conscious impact.



    Through our work, my clients receive:

    • Opening up portals to other dimensions in every aspect of your life – spiritually, emotionally, and physically – so that you can access your full potential.
    • A more exquisite understanding and knowledge of yourself as a spiritual being, your soul’s journey, and your evolutionary path.
    • Clarity about which business direction would be the most fruitful and enjoyable while also being a vehicle for love and peace for yourself, your family, friends, community and everyone that you serve.
    • Insight into what you need to pay attention to for optimal health so that you can have a life of longevity and service.
    • Recalibration of your being to a higher level that has more capacity, and a richer deeper connection to source.
    • Capacity to have a larger and deeper impact by integrating other aspects of your being that have been given short shrift up until now.
    • Greater alignment between body, mind, and spirit that generates clarity and ease.
    • Bringing into consciousness information that is useful in living a fulfilled life and removing any blockages from past lives.
    • Insight into how to connect spiritually for your greatest sense of being fulfilled and truly alive in your daily life.

    Your birthright is the deep fulfillment and joy of living authentically from your heart and sharing your innate gifts with the world. I am committed to you achieving that. 


    I am a social scientist with an Ivy league Ph.D. and a skeptic at heart. My session with Jana was mind-blowing. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind as to her abilities. It was one of the most healing, joyful hours of my life.


    Christin M., Asheville, NC


    Jana Hexter is an amazing resource for anyone who is looking to create a meaningful life. Get yourself relaxed through whatever works for you - massage, yoga, meditation, a walk in nature - and then spend an hour with Jana. She has helped me open up to completely new perspectives and avenues for my life.

    Paula P., Ithaca, NY




    Thank you so much for the incredible reading today! I believe you truly reached our son's " higher self" for lack of a better term. The few other readings we had with others came through with more of his physical self. I am thinking that the soul comes through the reader at a level they are capable of understanding which leads me to believe your gift is exceptional. I believe I understand now why we were chosen to have him in this cycle and why he didn't stay long." Thank you" is inadequate to express the depth of understanding you gave us today.


    Karen & Bob, Binghamton, NY




    Working with you was a profound, transformational healing experience. 10 years ago I lost two friends in a diving accident. I did counseling, EMDR, and hypnotherapy to help me with the grief and guilt. But still, deep down something felt unresolved and a part of me felt connected to them. I didn’t know what to expect from this but was open. I was amazed at how quickly you connected to them and how spot on you were in pegging their character – it dissolved any skepticism I had going in. The deep level that you took it to was amazing. I did not expect the level of closure and emotional healing that I received from that single session. The lingering heaviness that I’ve felt for years is gone and I know that my friends are at peace.


    Laura W., Columbus, Ohio


    The intuitive session that I had with Jana was one of the most profound and awesome experiences of my life. After struggling and trying to figure out my life's purpose for years, Jana's reading confirmed a direction that I had started 3 years prior to our session. Since our meeting I've felt more clarity, connection, and ease than I have in years. I had never done anything like this before but am so happy I found Jana.


    Haley V, Ithaca NY




    I had an amazing week after our reading! So much cleared up and shifted between a relative and I. I found myself much more accepting of them on many levels and things are easy and flow now. I feel a different energy inside with more clarity and ease about many things. And a sense of peace and calm not felt in a long time. Thank you again!

    Anne S., Maryland


    Since our reading I’ve listened to the recording several times and each time I hear something new.  Really fascinating because each time it is something I NEED to hear. Love it, Love it Love it!!!   Also, much of what was shared is unveiling itself in people, circumstances and experiences. Divine Intervention!  I am so grateful for this experience!  


    Sharon N., Scottsdale, AZ


    I just wanted you to know what a wonderful experience I had working with you. I had never done anything like this before and to be honest was a little skeptical. You were wonderful, taking time at the beginning of our conversation to set me at ease. You are very warm and easy to talk to. The experience and process was amazing and set my heart at ease around my father. He passed so suddenly that there were a few things I never got to tell him or ask him about. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to reconnect with him in spirit and know he is in a better place. I believe without a doubt that connection was made because the things you shared with me during our conversation could only have come from my father! Thank you for your time and for sharing your wonderful gift with me.

    Jason C., Hawaii


    "Jana has made a tremendous impact on guest programming at the Lodge in the short time she was worked with us. Just recently, Jana’s weekend visit broke revenue records for private consultations. Her classes are well-attended and receive positive comments from our guests. She has a kind spirit and is a delight to work with!"


    Lindsey Bree, Special Programs & Events Coordinator,

    The Lodge at Woodloch

    2016 Travel + Leisure Ranked #6 Destination Spa in the U.S.


    What a beautiful multi-layered gift you gave me! I am astonished and intrigued with the accuracy of the message you shared. The session left me with a profound sense of acceptance, peace, and letting go of worry. I feel more grounded in myself, my work, and my family. Thanks again for a very powerful, amazing, enlightening (in every meaning) session.

    Liz Walker, Ecovillage, Ithaca







    She is a multi-sentient intuitive-- having the capacity to see, hear, feel, and know information from beyond the physical realm. As a unique bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, Jana provides a fresh perspective by accessing universal consciousness at a deep level-- for people who are approaching one of life’s crossroads or are committed to expanding their awareness to create a better here and now - for themselves, their families, their community, and the people they serve through their businesses.


    Jana’s innate gift has been described as “one of the most moving and incredible experiences I have ever had when balancing between current reality and the grand energy of the universe”. Her ability to quickly go very deeply into the spirit world in remote sessions with her clients has resulted in some amazing and life-changing results.


    Jana has a strong business background and is a graduate of Cornell University. She has trained for many years with Jalaja Bonheim, Founder of the Institute for Circlework. In her first career she was a nationally renowned grant writer who raised over $90 million for non-profits and wrote an acclaimed book on the subject. She grew up in England, lived in Denmark, Poland, and Norway, and is now the mother of two beautiful young adults in America.



    Retreats, Workshops, Presentations

    Pearls of Wisdom from the Other Worlds


    You’re invited for an extraordinary conversation with Jana about what she has learned about the nature of life and death from her experience connecting with the unseen realms. She will share what she has been told about what happens when we die, the nature of time and space, and why our souls incarnate. Bring an open mind, curiosity and your questions for an intriguing evening.

    Rebirthing Beauty: Aligning with Your Soul


    Given the large-scale shift in consciousness that is taking place and accelerating, many of us are asking questions that serve our times --


    1. How can serve more effectively in the everyday world while connected to love and peacefulness?

    2. How do I use the gifts that I brought with me in this incarnation ...with beauty?

    3. How can I work in harmony with the energies that support and surround me?

    4. What am I called to do, regardless of how I will be perceived in the world?

    Join Jana for a conversation where we’ll explore the nature of separation and unity, time, space, and consciousness. When we deepen our connection to our non-physical senses and develop a more expanded perspective of ourselves we can deeply nourish and gently regenerate our spirits and emerge strong, powerfully rooted in our truth, with the endurance to birth a viable, sustainable and just world that works for everyone.

    Anam Cara: Deepening Your Friendship with Your Soul


    Anam is the Celtic word for soul and Cara is the word for friend. Join Jana for an exploration of to connect with and deepen our relationship with our soul, our soul’s wisdom, and our soul families. Our souls came here for a purpose and we all come with a gift to share. Jana will share her experiences of supporting people in fully understanding their soul’s intention and the opening up to their unique gift so they can have a deeper impact in the world.

    Finding Your Path When You’re at a Crossroads in Life


    Are you at a turning point in life? Sometimes we enter life’s crossroads tentatively when a job or relationship is no longer satisfying or we feel the quiet whisper of our soul. Sometimes, we find ourselves unexpectedly at a crossroads as a result of a death, divorce, or job loss. Most often, we just want it to stop and go away. Learn how to powerfully be at a crossroads in life and access the support of non-physical beings who are always there for anyone who stands at a crossroads.

    Amplifying Your Intuitive Intelligence


    Our society values academic intelligence, athletic ability, artistic and emotional intelligences but disregards the enormous potential of the ability to tap into and use our intuitive intelligence. Learn what intuitive intelligence is and how to develop and deepen your access to it in your life. This session includes many examples of when using intuitive intelligence has led to professional or personal success.

    Sacred Spaces & In-between places


    Living on the edge between forest and village




    For Individuals: If you are thinking about investing in a session, please call to find out about fees and what benefits you can expect— let’s discuss whether working together might be a good fit for both of us.


    For Spas: If you are interested in providing an access to personal awakening for your guests and developing an additional revenue stream, please call to discuss your interests.


    "Jana has made a tremendous impact on guest programming at the Lodge in the short time she was worked with us. Just recently, Jana’s weekend visit broke revenue records for private consultations. Her classes are well-attended and receive positive comments from our guests. She has a kind spirit and is a delight to work with!"


    Lindsey Bree, Special Programs & Events Coordinator,

    The Lodge at Woodloch

    2016 Travel + Leisure Ranked #6 Destination Spa in the U.S.





    In my experience, yes. Although truly, the person who asks this question is not 100% skeptical but curious and discriminating in a good way. Initially, I was a major skeptic and only started doing this work after proving it definitively to myself. I totally understand that other people don't experience the world the way that I do and can find it hard to believe. I've no need or desire to convince people to believe me or share the experience. I've worked with several people who asked this question and each one of them ended the session knowing that something extraordinary had just happened.




    No. I am not open to anything that is not in my highest and best good nor that of the person I am working with. I always enter the state with the protection of my helping guides and won't pursue anything that doesn't feel safe. Also, I am always semi-conscious and can end a session at will.




    Yes and no. The first time I experienced connection with a spirit as an adult I was terrified but luckily had a couple of metaphysical friends with me who just went with the flow. It was only a couple of days later when I calmed down that I realized that the experience was very familiar...in fact it was the common feeling of my childhood but no-one told me to be scared of it or that it was unusual.


    My connection with non-physical forms of consciousness significantly heightened when I reached puberty - as I am told is common with young women - until one day when visiting a graveyard I became overwhelmed and I shut it down.


    Now I have the capacity to allow the interactions with clear boundaries that allows me to thrive in the physical world too. At pivotal points in my life I have heard a clear guiding voice - - the type that I now access with ease.


    I'm not sure why this sensitivity reawakened but I suspect its a combination of five years of meditating for an hour a day, hormonal shifts as I begin leaving childbearing years, the cumulative impact of years of deep personal growth and healing work, combined with the shift in consciousness that we're collectively experiencing.


    These capacities are innate, ingrained in my cellular memory, and have been heightened through direct transmission with the eternal. It's unusual, I know, but nevertheless I am now able to access a deep well of wisdom in service to others. Coupled with my business experience, coaching training, and academic background, it is a powerful combination.




    I have been told by many people that I've worked with that the information is accurate and they're astounded that a total stranger could know the things that I do."How do you do that?" and "How did you know that?" "How did you make that go away?" are questions that I hear a lot.




    I commit to treating you honestly, fairly and with integrity. My grant writing business thrives because people know that that they can rely on me to tell them the truth even if its unpalatable sometimes, do my best work and get results... while being fair and reasonable. I bring those same values forward into this work.


    I am clear that my capacities are a sacred gift and should be honored as such. These energies are not something to be trifled with but are a deep source of wisdom and power to be respected and held in reverence.


    If I don't get a clear reply in response to a question, I will tell you so and would not charge you for the session. That is not my experience to date but I am committed to serving as clearly and truthfully as possible.




    I have worked with several couples and do a reading one at a time with the partner either present or not.


    I do group sessions only when it is done in sacred space among people who have respect for the spiritual dimension. I am not interested in using this for entertainment. It is my honor to share it in a group setting when it is done with the intention of presencing deeper love, healing, or growth.



    I offer single sessions for people who are looking for information that they can use to consciously create their life. Some people who are undergoing multiple major life transitions or struggling with mental health challenges are much better served by working over the long-term with a trained therapist or life coach.






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