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    I really look forward to our co-created journey together. There are some wonderful people in the circle and I'm excited to see what unfolds in the next nine months. 


    To prepare for the circle, please follow the 5 simple steps below. 


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    Please sign up for email using the form below. You'll get an email asking you to confirm - if it doesn't come through, check your spam filter.


    This offering requires a strong container - the stronger the container, the deeper the impact on our lives and on the people in our community. I ask that you read the following agreements and then complete the agreement form below.


    There really is only one agreement - Honor Yourself and Others as Sacred...We are Expressions of One.


    This offering is a co-creation between some beautiful sweet souls. Each one of you has an exquisitely beautiful song and vision within you and we are midwiving their births for each other. Please always remember that.


    Honoring ourselves as sacred beings has several manifestations


    1. Confidentiality: This is an absolute necessity. Everything said in our 1:1 sessions is confidential. Everything said, or done, in the circle gatherings is also confidential. Please treat it all with the same sanctity and reverence you would give a newborn deer, a blossom that blooms once a year, or an ancient sacred burial ground.  All recordings are strictly for your own private use and may not be shared for any reason whatsoever.


    2. Be on time: This is simply a practice in presence and respect. I've heard that Gandhi once said "if we can be on time, we can defeat the British." We're not out to defeat anyone but its a great reminder about the power of mastery of time.


    I ask that before our 1:1 sessions and our circles that you take some time to connect with yourself in meditation, prayer, nature etc.. And that you allow time for yourself after our sessions before jumping back into every day life.


    3. Listen deeply to yourself. These circles are not for deep processing of personal issues -
    every one in this group has done enough of that. In the circles, we will connect deeply with Spirit and and ask what wants to emerge for our full blossoming in service to the world...and then listen. As we connect with other forms of consciousness, what wants expression may communicate with and through us in the form of song, silence, movement, or something new to us all.


    We are open to integrating all parts of lives and experiences to express the essence of who we are in the world. I ask that you trust that Spirit will fulfill on that intention with grace and ease through our 1:1 work and circles - and it may be in any shape or form.


    One of the most challenging things in circle is when someone talks a lot and is lost in story in their mind. Before speaking, I simply ask that you stay present and check in with yourself - 'Is this something that is bursting within me that is a gift to the group or is this something that can rest?' I trust that everyone in this group has the wisdom and self-awareness to know when to speak authentically.


    4. Respect and love yourself and others. Another challenge in sacred circles is that very deeply rooted tribal instincts that can surface and make us want to flee or fight. I ask that you remember that the circle is a strong container that pre-dates and transcends our earthly existence and can hold whatever emerges - be gentle with yourself and with others in your actions and speaking.


    5. Being present. I ask that you do your best to check your mask at the door and show up authentically in the group. Everyone in the circle has the capacity to do this beautifully. I also ask that you turn on your camera on webex whenever possible and only use the phone option if you cannot access wifi. 


    Legalese: This doesn't seem necessary given who we are but its a good business practice in this culture. By making the agreement below, I, hereby release, discharge, and/or otherwise indemnify Jana Hexter and any associated people or organizations against any claim by or on behalf of myself or any related person or organization as a result of my participation in TheJanaChannel programs. I understand that any and all results from my participation in the program are my responsibility. I agree to not share any recorded materials in any shape or form for any purpose.



    We will be connecting for the Sacred Circles via Webex (at least in this reality :)).


    To test that your computer will connect with Webex please click on this website below.


    Click on this website http://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html


    If that worked for you, please log on at 6.30pm before the circles so that we can start promptly at 7pm.


    To connect via the Web:



    If you prefer to call in by phone, you can use the following information


    To Call by Phone: +1-415-655-0001

    Meeting number: 191 242 614

    Attendee ID: You can bypass this if you are only calling by phone.


    If you are connected via the internet and also calling by phone for the audio you can enter the attendee ID that it gives you on the web so that we know that its you.


    If you experience difficulty contact WebEx Support at:

    800.508.8758 - toll free
    706.634.4551706.634.4551 - outside of US & Canada



    1:1 Readings with Jana: Three readings – one for each trimester of the program. Please call or email me to schedule your first reading.


    Sacred Circle:
    Meet virtually in sacred circle at 7-9pm Eastern (4-6pm PST).


    Please log on at 6.30pm before the circles so that we can start promptly at 7pm.


    The circles will be deeply nourishing and you are encouraged to attend all of them. They are designed to support your life, and given that, you may miss up to 3 circles to accommodate your schedule without compromising the integrity of the offering.


    Tuesday, October 27th

    Sunday, November 29th

    Sunday, December 27th

    Sunday, January 24th

    Monday, February 22nd

    Wednesday, March 23rd

    Friday, April 22nd

    Saturday, May 21

    Monday, June 20th


    Weekend Retreat: Transmission from the Waterfall in the Finger Lakes. Date to be determined. The course fee includes the retreat sessions. The accommodation fee will be paid directly to the retreat center.


    In our souls everything
    moves guided by a mysterious hand.
    We know nothing of our own souls
    that are ununderstandable and say nothing.


    The deepest words
    of the wise man teach us
    the same as the whistle of the wind when it blows
    or the sound of the water when it is flowing.


    - Antonio Machado



    In our souls everything
    moves guided by a mysterious hand.
    We know nothing of our own souls
    that are ununderstandable and say nothing.


    The deepest words
    of the wise man teach us
    the same as the whistle of the wind when it blows
    or the sound of the water when it is flowing.


    - Antonio Machado





    Reflection Questions: 


    Pay attention your moment by moment access to the divine feminine and masculine as they flow through you. What do you see? How does this inform and activate your circle intention? 


    Recording:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/wloqd58vci8xpac/Flow%20Sacred%20Circle%20Gathering%20-%20December-20151227%202349-1.arf?dl=0







    Recording: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eks1pjul2l0ppb5/Sacred%20Circle%20January-20160124%202358-1.arf?dl=0


    Recording: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftoqbk6ny3qdxzm/Sacred%20Circle%20February-20160222%202356-1.arf?dl=0


    Recording: https://www.dropbox.com/s/85qdtv54p4xtwkb/Sacred%20Circle%20March-20160323%202307-1.mp4?dl=0


    Date: Sunday, June 5

    Time: 7:00pm EST



    An exploration of who we are as mutable beings


    Recording:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/yhhz91jw6gfp7vq/June%20New%20Moon%20Sacred%20Circle-20160605%202318-1.mp4?dl=0










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