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The Ruse I Call Necessity

A little musing from last week…with a nod of love, respect and gratitude to Daphne Cohn for stimulating this musing andsharing this wondrous poem by one of my favorite authors

Taxes, bills, clean house. The ruse I call necessity. But really,what is necessaryWhat is necessary is the connection between me and spiritand the people I love. The world demands that I file tax returns. And I’ve set upmy life so that it also demands that I pay a mortgage and pay bills.

But have I created a world that demands that I call my children, or make love with my
partner, or pet my cat, or visit my parents? The responsible person that I am took my cat to the vet yesterdaybut did the loving person that I am spend a few minutes loving her up as she
does me?

The responsible person that I am sent my taxes to my accountant but do
I feel the same necessity to create art? No, of course not, because the government doesn’t dictatethat I file my art each year or account for how many times I visited my kids or
how many rich and meaningful conversations I’ve had with friends.

I am not called to account for love and connection. I amcalled to account for having a safe car, a non-rabid cat, an intact roof, and how much I owe the government to live on this earth.

How bizarre, how bizarre, how bizzare.

Musical accompaniment for all the beautiful souls reading this.

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